Meyris helps you to stay on track with watching series.


We've got all off them. Continue reading to find out, what Meyris can do to help you!

Lots of information

If you want to know something about series, you will find it on Meyris. Episode descriptions, air dates, we've got everything covered.

Up to date

Meyris is never behind. It's data is updated daily.

Lovely design

Due to it's design, Meyris is very easy to use. Simplicity is the key.


View your followed series on calendar.

With Meyris, you can...

do lots of stuff. Here are the ones you'll use the most:

  • Follow your favourite series.

  • Mark episodes as watched.

  • Get information on series/episodes.

  • Check your watch history and unwatched episodes.

But why choose Meyris?

As of everywhere, there is competition. Every product needs to have it in order to evolve.

We are probarly not the only ones in this area, but we are not afraid to fight for dominance. We believe that our services are the best and can not be matched by any other similar product.

Complete feature list

Get ready to be blown away.

Search for series

Meyris takes data from TheTVDB, which has about every series you are watching.

Watch online

When you go on episode detail view, you can get links to watch episode online.


By using advanced algorithm, Meyris Score is calculated based on user ratings and other factors.

Track your progress

Meyris tracks your watched episodes and calculates time spent watching.

Be a part of it and get rewarded

You can participate in 3 different rewards programs: refer a friend, suggest a feature and report a bug.

Detailed help

If you are stuck, you can check out help section or contact us on our support email (


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